The Stupid Rooster Social Club


The story of The Stupid Rooster began during a 2009 trip to Kauai to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Diane & Kurt K.  It was just the two couples, we rented a beautiful ocean front house on the south side of the island near Poipu Beach and stayed for a wonderful week of beauty, adventure and fun!!  We enjoyed fantastic food, gorgeous views (we could see the Spouting Horn - a wave induced geyser - from our Lanai), the Wailau water falls, Waimea Canyon, an awe inspiring PowerCat voyage up to see the soaring cliffs of the Napali Coast with a scuba diving adventure on our return trip (Oh - but that's a story for another day!!) .....oh yeah - and did I happen to mention the wild roosters and chickens???!!!  They were EVERYWHERE!!! Every place we sought adventure and beautiful sights - the roosters and chickens were there!!!

So the story goes that fighting cocks were brought over to the islands by other far east island folk.  They set up these nifty coops to hold them in between fights - and a typhoon rolled through and destroyed the coops and set the roosters and chickens FREE!!!  Many Many Many generations later, there are reported to be 60,000 people on Kauai and 65,000 wild chickens and roosters!!  Why you might ask??  Well apparently there are no natural predators on the island willing to tangle with these mighty birds - and while I suppose they could become food for the locals, the local recipe reads:  "Put a plucked rooster in boiling water with a handful of stones....when the stones are tender, the rooster is ready to eat!!"   

So the next question would have to be why would I ever call these beautiful birds "Stupid"?  It just kind of rolled off my tongue after I heard the 10th crowing rooster in the middle of the first night on the island!!  Here I thought roosters crowed to meet the rising sun - but at least on the island of Kauai, the roosters crow whenever and wherever they damn well please!!  So, after a full week of listening to these mighty wild birds crow at all times of the night and day - I decided that instead of fighting them, I should join them ....and embrace my own "Stupid Roosterness" - because really - wouldn't you just love to strut, and preen, and crow whenever you damn well please - just like The Stupid Rooster?

So - get your Rooster on and come on over to The Stupid Rooster Social Club sometime soon and say hi!!  Who knows, there might be something tasty coming out of the smoker or off the grille; a cold beverage might be had - Boodles and tonic is the Stupid Rooster's favorite; there could be a bon fire going in the pit; a fierce game of "Rooster Bags" might be happening in the side yard; or sports could be showing on the famous "Big Sheet TV" in the Rooster Koop.   TSR